18 de juny 2009

La Escuela Moderna con el Amic Joan

Los discos que pinchó el amigo Joan Guàrdia en el Barbara Ann, tras el concierto de Nueva Vulcano del sábado 13 de junio.
Joan no es miembro de la Escuela Moderna ni de Hungry Beat -aunque sí seguidor de ambos- pero colgamos esto aquí como ejemplo del tipo de pinchadas que nos emocionan, y por las que andaríamos veinte días y veinte noches.

Chisel - All my kin
Zumpano - Orange Air
The Plimsouls - Play the breaks
Paul Collins' Beat - Will you listen
The Soft Boys- Have a heart Betty
The Wolfhounds - L.A. Juice
The Go-Betweens - Heaven says
Fire Engines - Candyskin
The Chesterfield Kings - Baby Doll
Wau y los Aaarghs - It's great!
Rocket from the Crypt - Turkish Revenge
Direct from Hollywood Cementery - It ain't cheating with me
Oxford Collapse - Please visit your national parks
The New Pornographers - The laws have changed
The Shins - So says I
Sugar- Helpless
Doughboys - Sorry wrong number
Mega City Four - Stop
The Replacements - Hold my life
Hüsker Dü - Makes no sense at all
Weird War - Grand Fraud
Love - My little red book
Biscuit - The Sound + The Man U Want
Holly Golightly - Time will tell
The Loved ones - You better do right
The Dilemas - Buffalo Bates
McCarthy- We're all bourgeois now
The Feelies - The Boy with the perpetual nervousness
Wipers - Mystery
Rollkicker Laydown - No voices in the wire
Autoclave - Dr. Seuss
Girls against Boys - Bullet proof cupid
Les Savy Fav - Reprobates Resume
Oneida - High Life
Pavement - Trigger Cut / Wounded it at :17
Shudder to think - Jade-dust eyes
Guided by voices - I am a tree
Arcwelder - Favor
Seam - Look back in anger
Superchunk - Hyper Enough
Aina - Cat and Dog
Jawbreaker - Do you still hate me?
Lemonheads - Luka
Mega City four - Android Dreams
Neds atomic dustbin - Not sleeping around
Antelope - Mirroring
The Flaming Lips - Unplugged
The three o'clock - Jet fighter
Slant 6 - Rebel Rebel
The Devil's Anvil - Wala Dai
Lyres - Don't give it up now
The Action - Hey Sha-lo-ney
The Detroit Cobras - He did it
The Nerves - When you find out
Yo la tengo - Mr Tough
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Seven days too long
The Jam - Pretty Green
The Loved ones - Sticks and stones
The Music Machine - 96 tears
Jonathan Richman - Vampiresa Mujer
Os Mutantes - Bat Macumba
The Spells - Can't explain