5 de maig 2010

Setlist Hungry Beat 5 de marzo en Heliogàbal

Algunos de los discos que se pusieron una noche Hungry Beat de hace dos meses en el Heliogàbal de Gràcia. Pinchaban 3/5 de Hungry Beat. Aquí faltan los de Uri Amat (que también pinchó, y hermosamente) porque no se acuerda ni de broma de lo que puso, y la próxima vez me pedís el set antes, desgraciaos.
Todo son discos hermosos en formato siglo XX (vinilo, caramba), con unos pocos CDs de tapadillo que escondía Miguel López.


WENDY & BONNIE It’s what’s really happening

THE BIRDY NUM NUMS All I dream to do

MAKIN’ TIME Two coins for the ferryman

ART COLLECTION I go to school

AZTEC CAMERA Just like gold


THE CLAIM Sporting life

THE BEAT Psychedelic rockers


THE CHILLS Pink frost

FELT Grey streets

ORANGE JUICE Simply thrilled honey

LYRES Don’t give it up now

DEAD BOYS What love is

DEATH Keep on knocking

THE SINNERS Future kiss

JAZZATEERS Looking for a girl

THE PLIMSOULS Everyday things

THE TIMES Whatever happened to Thamesbeat


THE PRISONERS Thinking of you (broken pieces)

COMET GAIN Tighten up

SUBWAY SECT Different story

JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES Shakin’ all over


1º Turno:

Teenage Fanclub- B-Side
The Fairways- Darling, don’t you think?
The Point- All my life
The Barracudas- When I’m gone
Dolly Mixture- Baby it’s you
The Toys- Attack
Girls at our best- politics
Tender Trap- Fireworks
Love is All- Wishing well
Cornershop- Born Disco; Died Heavy Metal
The How- I was a boy
Television Personalities- I was a mod before you was a mod (Easy mix)
The Champagne Socialists- Young Runaways

2º turno y cierre:
The Shadows- Man of Mystery
Los Sirex- San Carlos Club
The Groovie Ghoulies- Ghoulies are Go!
Ash- Kung Fu
Dustins Bar Mitzvah- To the Ramones
Action Painting- Mustard Gas
The Laughing Apple- Participate!
Four Volts- Heartworm (ooh ooh song)
The Nervous Rex- Ad Nauseam
Boyracer- The Heartbreaker
Cheap Red- Let’s start a Riot
Bricolage- Footsteps
The Silly Pillows- Mitchell’s dinner
The Yummy Fur- Stereo Girls
The Revillos- Motor bike beat
Shangri-Las- Leader of the pack
The Loves- Boom-a-bang-bang-bang
Love- 7 and 7 is
Television Personalities- An exhibition by Joan Miró
Paraíso- Y al final (Carolina)
Los Pistones- Las siete menos cuarto
Los Elegantes- La calle del ritmo
Kikí D’Akí- La ciudad y tú
Julie Budd- See you in September
Billy Arnell- Tough Girl
The Girls at Dawn- It’s the only time
The Who- I need you
The Long Riders- And she rides
Thee Milkshakes- Dull Knife
Utopia- I just want to touch you
Mochi- Alta fidelidad
Lone Star- Nuestra Generación
Billy Fury- Do you really love me too
Captain Sensible- Joe Meek
Parkinson DC- Only a week ago (instrumental)
Siouxie and the Banshees- Dear Prudence
La Mode- En cualquier fiesta