19 de maig 2006

Pinchaje Cabaret 18 de mayo de 2006

Los discos que puse (sin Hungry Beat, esta vez), antes, en medio y después del (muy gran) concierto de Epic kind y The Light Brigade el jueves 18 de mayo en Sidecar. Empiezan tradicionalmente el set Dexys y lo termina, como es menester, Sammy Davis Jr.

DEXYS · One of those things
WEEKEND · Drum beat for baby
THE BEAT · All out to get you
JOYCE · Aldeia de Ogum
DAVID BLUE · It tastes like candy
ZUMPANO · Some sun
MARCOS VALLE · Nem paletó, nem gravata
THE LILAC TIME · Work for the weekend
PHIL OCHS · Pretty smart on my part
PYLON · Weather radio
THE THREE O’CLOCK · With a cantaloupe girlfriend
THE ORCHIDS · Defy the law
DIE SACHE · Long distance call
THE BONGOS · Glow in the dark
TYRONE DAVIS · Can I change my mind
HURRAH! · This boy
ROBYN HITCHCOCK & THE EGYPTIANS · Only the stones remain
CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN · Ice cream every day
PEZBAND · On and on
FELT · Grey streets
TELEPHONE · Fait divers
PUGH · Love, love, love
THE DUMMIES · When the lights are out
THE LOFT · Up the hill and down the slope
OXFORD COLLAPSE · Proofreading
BOBBY PATTERSON · Everything good to you (Don’t have to be good for you)
THE CHILLS · Heavenly pop hit
DANNY HUNT · What’s happening to our love affair
THE POP GROUP · Rob a bank
LACK OF KNOWLEDGE · The uninvited
BIG FLAME · Why popstars can’t dance
JEAN WELLS · Try me and see
BOOTS FOR DANCING · Boots for dancing
THE JONES GIRLS · Let’s celebrate (Sittin’ on top of the world)
SAMMY DAVIS Jr. · Up, up and away

Kiko Amat